Right Meow Plugin Puts The Super Troopers Cat Game Into Your WordPress Comments

Broken Lizard’s 2001 comedy “Super Troopers” introduced millions of viewers to the “cat game.” In the scene, a highway patrolman pulls Jim Gaffigan over and then tries to insert the word “meow” casually into the conversation as many times as possible. You remember that scene, right? If not, check it out here:

Am I Saying Meow?!

Now, you can also have subliminal meow fun with Right Meow, a WordPress plugin that changes your comments section so that the word “now” automatically becomes “meow,” as shown below:


The plugin was created by Thomas Leen and is his first submission on WordPress.org. It’s also available on GitHub, should you want to suggest any changes. After testing it, I can confirm that it works as advertised to transform all instances of “now” to “meow” in the comments.

This may not be the most productive tool in the shed but it definitely adds a dash of frivolity and fun to your site by automatically trolling commenters with meows on your behalf. Please note that de-activating the plugin will return all your “meows” back to “nows.” If you want your comments to have a little more entertainment value, I recommend you download this plugin right meow.

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  1. Just testing to see if now turns into meow. Is there a national talk like a cat day?


    1. Probably the most important new plugin release the WordPress ecosystem has seen since the release of WP Doge earlier this year.


  2. “This may not be the most productive tool in the shed but it definitely adds a dash of frivolity and fun to your site”

    With all due respect, but whether or not something can be labeled as “fun” is something very personal; what is fun for you does not necessarily have to be fun for me (or the rest of the world for that matter).

    So by stating that it “definitely” adds fun to one’s site, you are not only grossly underestimating the intellect of your audience, you are also pertinently wrong.

    Please can the Tavern refrain from posting this kind of nonsense? Thanks!


    1. Piet – Every now and then, the Tavern will post something that we think is fun, because we are humans (not machines), and we love to laugh. :) It is a Tavern, after all.


      1. Your site, your right to post something *you think* is fun. That is different than stating a definite fact.


      2. Agreed. “A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men” ;)


      1. Quite sad to see it confirmed what “humour” supposedly means for the average Northamerican male aged 25-40…


      2. Meow I think it’s time I learn some geography. I never realised New Zealand was in North America ;)


      3. You’re right. Perhaps I should have said that apparently “humour” of native English speaking people is quite different from people whose mother tongue is not English and who speak more than 2 languages fluently…

        Whatever, everyone has different standards for humour and fun. Sarah stated that this is definitely fun, and I think that is pertinently wrong. And that has nothing to do with the fact that Sarah, you and the other commenters think this is funny and I clearly don’t.

        I think an authoritative site as WP Tavern should refrain from making blanket statements like this. If that results in people forming an opinion about my humour (or supposed lack thereof) then those people clearly don’t get the point.


  3. I think this is hilarious, and I thank you for posting it here. If I hadn’t disabled all comments on my site (in favor of a forum only) I would add it right meow! And, BTW, Piet, I “get” your point, but disagree with it 100%.


    1. I’m with Piet!

      I thought the plugin sounded fun while Sarah was originally describing it. Then she told me it was “definitely” fun. That really jarred. Please don’t tell me what I should “definitely” find fun (or bad, or boring, or anything else). That’s not a decision for you to make.



    Is everyone calm?

    Thanks for the article Sarah. Out of all the plugins available I will keep this one in the back of my mind waiting patiently for the right website to put it on.


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