Right Meow Plugin Puts The Super Troopers Cat Game Into Your WordPress Comments

Broken Lizard’s 2001 comedy “Super Troopers” introduced millions of viewers to the “cat game.” In the scene, a highway patrolman pulls Jim Gaffigan over and then tries to insert the word “meow” casually into the conversation as many times as possible. You remember that scene, right? If not, check it out here:

Am I Saying Meow?!

Now, you can also have subliminal meow fun with Right Meow, a WordPress plugin that changes your comments section so that the word “now” automatically becomes “meow,” as shown below:


The plugin was created by Thomas Leen and is his first submission on WordPress.org. It’s also available on GitHub, should you want to suggest any changes. After testing it, I can confirm that it works as advertised to transform all instances of “now” to “meow” in the comments.

This may not be the most productive tool in the shed but it definitely adds a dash of frivolity and fun to your site by automatically trolling commenters with meows on your behalf. Please note that de-activating the plugin will return all your “meows” back to “nows.” If you want your comments to have a little more entertainment value, I recommend you download this plugin right meow.

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