1. Herb Miller

    Looks like my new “Children block” plugin, that uses Server Side Rendering to call core WordPress code, which was written in PHP ages ago, would not be listed because I also wrote another block called “parent” and included it in the same plugin. Had I merged the two blocks into one, and extended the “parent” part to do the full breadcrumb, then it would probably still be rejected because of the Server Side Rendering. Shame eh? https://github.com/bobbingwide/children-block


  2. Nick Hamze

    From my reading on this:

    Must not include advertisements or promotional notices.
    Block Plugins must not include code that displays alerts, dashboard notifications, or similar obtrusive messages unrelated to the purpose of the block.

    I think it would be ok to add things to the block sidebar that promotes other paid products. To me that’s not “obtrusive”. It’s even better than using admin notices as the block sidebar is something users see every time they use a block.


  3. Oliver @ WebMatros.com

    Interesting read, this. I haven’t paid attention to this, tbh:)

    I agree that the commercial incentive to develop block is a huge, and very positive, factor. And one that benefits the whole ecosystem of WordPress.


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