1. Hardeep Asrani

    I saw this today while trying to install one of the plugins. They use names of all other Block Collection plugins in their description, which makes sure they appear in search if you search for any of those plugins. Some of them don’t even have any templates when I tried, just names for the sake of it.

    I was excited to see this initially but that kind of spamming (I hope I’m wrong) spoiled my excitement.


    • Justin Tadlock

      For me, as a user, I’d like to have that information available. I don’t see it as spammy. I see it as transparency. Redux literally integrates with those plugins. I’d even go as far as saying it’s the responsibility of the plugin author to mention it up front.

      If the plugin was just listing those third-party plugins for no reason at all, I would be the first in line to call it out. But, I can’t really blame the plugin for WordPress.org’s poor search algorithm. Frankly, I’ve searched for some of my own plugins — by name — in the past and seen some crazy results.


      • Hardeep Asrani

        First of all, I clicked on “report” on your comment by mistake, so I apologize, I thought I was clicking on reply.

        But as I said, it lists many plugins on their Readme which aren’t used anywhere in their library. So some of them are listed for no reason.

        As a user, would you like to see that they’ve templates from XYZ plugin but when you install, you find none? :)


  2. Towfiq I.

    Congrats Dovy. Looks great! :)


  3. Dōvy Paukstys

    We hope everyone finds the new Redux even more powerful and useful. If you are experiencing any problems with our new version, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at support@redux.io. We are here to help! :)


  4. sajan kota

    Hi Justin, I did not like to use redux framework in past for my projects. but Redux 4.x. looks cool , sections and templates are really well design. I will definitely worth giving a try soon.


  5. Anh Tran

    I’m quite confused with this direction of the Redux. Honestly, I think James’s review makes sense. This version of Redux is built with different purpose than the previous ones, that might affect how existing users (developers) feel.

    While building a new product takes more time, effort and risk, I think it’s the right way to do.

    Anyway, congratulations to Dovy and the Redux team. Building a product is so hard and making it popular is much more harder. I hope this will make Redux a sustainable business for you.


  6. Bastian

    In hindsight, he may have been right; the customizer has felt like an abandoned project over the past couple of years.

    I remember how the customizer was being touted ad infinitum as the “future of WordPress” when it was first introduced. How things change… I’m just waiting for the next shiny thing to replace React or Gutenberg in a couple of years.


  7. Dōvy Paukstys

    Honestly Bastian, I have fought Gutenberg since I heard about it. It wasn’t until I built our block library that I started to believe. That being said, the core blocks are not nearly enough. We have to use some 5+ different block plugins to build what we want. But it’s still possible.

    What I really love is the decisions that were made on performance for the frontend (not so much the backend interface). If blocks are coded properly, they display beautifully and don’t give you the performance issue other page builders do.

    I’d suggest you give Redux a try and see how we think Gutenberg should work. ;)


  8. Fajar

    must try..
    I guess more complete other than Gutenberg addons.


  9. Vishwajeet Kumar

    I used the Redux framework back in 2017 but soon remove it. Feeling happy that they have relaunch themselves with some good and interesting features. Will use it on my blogs.

    Vishwajeet Kumar


  10. William BioDesigner

    Hello. What i think it’s a good move since i don’t think Gutenberg abandon any time soon as everyone jump on it and a new generation of page builder are based on Gutenberg. I Din’t like two things, the first is divception of page builder and gutenberg page builder it’s tons of div in div in div in div and genrally with clean coding we can achieve way better coding semantically. (i don’t like bootstrap for the same reason.)

    Secondly Redux have a huge database for sure it’s include most of the other gutenberg page builder inside like kadenze and much more. So the user will end up with tons of gutenberg addons which is as bad as multipurpose theme with 30-40 plugins. Still something like that can’t work fast enough on most of the cheap hosting plan… what leads people to spend a fortune of money on cloud hosting, wp managed hosting, CDN, and all sort of optimization.

    This could be more simple, more lighweight and semantically well coded (ACF, CPTui etc…) even on a website based on wordpress.

    The two one for now playing the game close to the perfection is Oxygen Builder and Pinegrow (with WP) but yes you need to have a minimum set of skills to work with those tools. It’s not for everyone.

    After tested redux i would not go for it. because of what i mention bellow.


  11. Kundan Singh

    Redux Framework is amazing. I am also planning to purchase their personal plan to increase my site visibility.

    Thanks for providing the updates


  12. Nand Kishore Srivastava

    I liked Gutenberg since signed in to WordPress. Way to go!

    Thanks a ton!


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