1. David Decker

    Is this article a press release?

    Jetpack should be avoided at all costs as it transferres too much data from a self-hosted site to wordpress.com that has no place there. Pretty much anything beyond a user’s password. Why should anyone use a payment block from such a plugin?

    While I find the general idea interesting to make such “membership” concepts more easy for users, I have no confidence in Jetpack here to be honest.


  2. Joe C.

    I agree with David and Marcus and would add that jetpack has gotten soo bloated it often slows down page load times to the point of the ridiculous. The MS windows approach to design.


  3. Greg

    If you’d like to avoid using Jetpack and you’re not afraid to have a deal with WooCommerce, there is a bit more powerful paid alternative for launching subscription-based solution: https://woocommerce.com/products/woocommerce-subscriptions/


    • Artur Piszek

      Definitely and thank you for posting that!

      Recurring Payments is not meant as a Woo Subscriptions competition.
      This is a very basic feature, aimed to help people that don’t want to deal with WooCommerce :)

      If you know how to install Woo Subscriptions and are prepared to maintain that, by all means you should choose it over Recurring Payments.


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