Privacy, Theme Models And Plugin Approval Time

It’s been awhile since I’ve published a list of interesting threads in the forum but before I break that streak, let me share some statistics. Threads: 1,065, Posts: 9,773, Members: 505, Active Members: 150 Most users ever online was 103, 10-12-2009 at 03:32 PM. The forum launched at the end of February and I am insanely happy to see how well the forum has taken off in the first 10 months. This is thanks in large part to those participating in this particular community helping to spread the word. Hoping to see the day when we have 1,000 registered members with 300 active ones! This will give our moderators something to do!

Plugin Repository And Privacy – Elpie started things off by mentioning when WordPress 2.3 was released in 2007, privacy issues started to be debated thanks to data that was being sent from the software to After all of those debates, two years later they resurface in more discussion. I still think there are valid points that are raised with the issues involved but I think the over 200 post thread makes for good reading to see both sides of the fence. As a branch off of this thread, ChipBennett has proposed his version of the privacy policy.

Plugin Repository Approval Time – Plugin approval times appear to be all over the map with some taking over a month and others in less than 30 minutes. Community member developdaly submitted his plugin on December 2nd and has yet to receive notice of approval. Would be interesting to hear how long the approval process took for other plugin authors.

WordCamp Boston – I’m going to Boston. If you are as well, collaborate within this thread to see if we can meet up.

Interesting Stats – Although these stats are now no longer available to the public, what can be seen from the Google Cache shows that some detailed statistics regarding specific versions of WordPress, including locale are being logged. Now we know how Matt can say which locales have the most users of WordPress. (Darn the Google Cache has been updated and the page no longer shows the stats.)

Alternate Theme Business Models – Small Potato himself is getting into the tavern forum action by asking how do you make money from releasing free WordPress themes. One of the most interesting responses and models is by DStrojny, the man behind Themes By Jestro.

Threaded Comments To Any Theme – Dave Coveney has released a new plugin that makes it really easy to add styled threaded comments to any theme. I wonder if something like this puts CommentBits out of business?

These are just a few of the threads being actively discussed right now. I highly encourage that if you don’t have an account on the forum, now is as good a time as any to sign up and be part of the conversation.


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