PressNomics – Conference Specifically For Commercial WordPress Entities

Pressnomics LogoIn what I believe is the first of it’s kind, PressNomics aims to bring together the various commercial entities that are successfully making a living around WordPress. The conference is being held in Chandler, Arizona which by the way, is a great name for a city between November 8th and 10th, 2012. There is room for around 150-200 attendees with ticket prices starting at $150.00. The tickets go on sale starting in June but most of the attendees will be personally invited. While Joshua and Sally Strebel are among those organizing the conference, this is not a focused event. Among the list of confirmed speakers thus far include Mark Jaquith and Mikkel Svane, the CEO of ZenDesk.

When I asked Josh why he’s helping to put on this event, here was his response:

I had this idea for a while and finally decided to execute on it after discussing it with others. People seem to agree that having a meet up of sorts to discuss best practices and learn from each others experiences and stories would be helpful. The programming is for the benefit of the businesses that drive the WordPress economy, not so much the end user of WordPress. + it is a good excuse to get together with our peers.

Sounds like a great idea to me. There is already a lot of collaboration between commercial WordPress entities in the community but I think this will do a lot of businesses some good to get together in person, especially to share success and failure stories. One thing worth noting is that this is definitely not a WordCamp event as illustrated via their disclaimer.

This is not a WordCamp, and it has not been endorsed by or is affiliated with the WordPress Foundation. WordPress is a trademark of the WordPress Foundation, respect.

While organizing an event like this is not easy, it has to be considerably easier to be able to put on a conference about a specific aspect of WordPress with 0 restrictions.

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