Post Status Version 2 Launches

Staying up late finally paid off as I became one of the first to see a preview of the new redesign. In the latest edition of the Post Status newsletter, founder Brian Krogsgard outlined the various changes that the redesign encompassed. Since long form content has generated some of the most interest and engagement on the site, the redesign features a left-handed column devoted exclusively to the long form content while the right-hand sidebar will contain the typical links that visitors are accustomed to. This enables the long form content to stick around longer without being buried by the different content types.

Post Status Redesign Preview

Another large piece of the revamped site gives us a glimpse as to one of the ways Brian is looking to monetize the site. With the redesign, he has entered an exclusive 3-month partnership with The Theme Foundry. The ad is non-obtrusive, and blends into the site rather well.

Overall, the design is crisp, clean, and easy on the eyes. Brian did a nice job. His new approach reminds me DaringFireball but with a crowdsourced aspect added on.

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