1. Ron



  2. Charlie

    Sarah, why do you always feature this guy’s stuff? You do realise that there are other theme authors out there, who might benefit more from the exposure, given that you’ve posted MANY TIMES about Anders?


  3. Ionut

    Hey Sarah,

    I agree that not so many theme devs pay attention to markup and accesibility, that’s why we have decided to build https://github.com/Codeinwp/Parallax-One as an accesibility ready and fully schema.org compatible theme. Is quite an investment, but hope it pays of in the future, while it helps creating a better web.


  4. Peter Cralen

    Clean, simple and minimalist, like Twenty sixteen. Cool job with moving a menu to the bottom left on small screens.
    Well selected theme, Sarah ;)


  5. Jason Lemieux

    Just a kind word here: Popper looks to be beautifully crafted and could serve as a solid foundation for new themes that share a commitment to accessibility.

    Cheers to Morten for doing the right thing: paying close attention to accessibility, and keeping it GPL. Fantastic work and a quality contribution.


  6. Towhid

    I liked how he positioned the mobile menu, unconventional but seems useful. Since phones are getting larger it is becoming difficult for our thumbs to reach the top corner, especially with one hand.


  7. Wiktor

    Fantastic, professional and modern theme! Kudos to Morten.
    Thanks for sharing, Sarah.


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