PollDaddy Makes Digging Into Poll Data Easier

polldaddylogo PollDaddy has now added survey filters to their polling service. These filters enable users to create more meaningful reports based on your specific needs. Here is a good example of a filter in action:

As an example, you may have a question in your survey like, “What is your gender?”. If you then created a filter on this question and specified the condition to be; all respondents that answered ‘Male’. After you enable this filter, all the reports will display just the answers given by the respondents that answered male.

Sounds like users of the service will now be able to dig into the data a bit easier based on these filters. I wonder if these filters will make Jane’s life any easier when she dives into the surveys that are published on the WordPress development blog. For more information regarding survey filters, please see this support topic on the PollDaddy forum.


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