Poll: Who Uses Reader In The WordPress Mobile Apps?

WordPress for iOS 4.3 is now available for download from the App Store. The new release contains updates to stats and reader. You can now see more details in the stats chart for Visitors and Views. Just tap any of the views available such as Days, Weeks, or Months.

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Follow Any Site In Reader
Follow Any Site In Reader

In previous versions of the app, reader was limited to WordPress.com and self hosted sites using Jetpack. In 4.3, you can add any site to the reader by URL or tag essentially turning it into an RSS Feed Reader.

The app contains several improvements under the hood to prepare for the release of iOS 8. Among some of the features slated for the next version include an iOS 8 Today extension to view stats, a major interface update for notifications, and a limited roll out of a new WYSIWYG post editor.

Who Uses The Reader Part Of The Mobile Apps?

Being able to add any site to the reader is a nice enhancement but it’s not enough to convince me to use it. I use Feedly as my feed reader both on the desktop and my phone. The interface of reader makes it difficult to quickly skim the headlines of several different websites and I’d rather not manage so many sites on my phone. I’ve also found it to not be the ideal experience to consume content.

I wonder how many people use this portion of the app. Help me figure it out by participating in the poll. If you vote yes, let me know in the comments how you use it.

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