1. Scott Kingsley Clark

    We’ve got some great plans for me and WDS, I’m looking forward to riding with their crew!


  2. Peter Knight

    Great to hear the background story! I had always wondered why Pods had seemingly slowed down until version 2 came out – and ever since hitting 2.0 updates have been fast and furious. It’s so hard doing an ongoing project that wants so much attention while also putting food on the table. It’s a super valuable project and it’s inspiring to hear all of the dedication that has gone into it.


  3. Scott Kingsley Clark

    @Peter Knight – Thanks Peter! Pods 2.0 was a LOT of work, it was a full UI revamp and we refactored most of the code so it could handle all sorts of data types (Post Types, Taxonomies, Media, Users, Comments, Custom Tables). Glad you like it, and as always, feel free to leave feedback on our GitHub for anything we can improve — always listening :)


  4. Ben

    I love Pods! It’s such a powerful tool for extending WordPress. Thanks Scott and congrats on joining WDS!


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