1. Bas

    Oh yes please! Great idea.. And please calculate a rating that’s based on the number of likes or times someone added the plugin to it’s list of favourites and show this rating in search results and make it sortable :)


  2. Andrew

    It would certainly be a good idea. I like seeing what plugins other people use.


  3. Michael

    That’s a great idea. WordPress.org could use a bit of social web spice to make the site more functional and useful.


  4. Doug Smith

    I often see a plugin that looks great and I want to remember it for later when I have a use for it. A favorites feature would be great for that purpose.


  5. Jean Galea

    I love this idea too, would be a great addition.


  6. Regina Smola

    I really like the idea. It would be great if the user had to vote for their version (works yes or no) before adding to their favorites too. We really need more voters out there. I know many users look at the votes before installing a plugin, but not many vote themselves.

    Or add to their favorites with the WP version it worked on and give public stats.


  7. Ken Newman

    I’m glad the idea is getting positive responses :-)


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