1. Peter Cralen

    I thought it was builded like that. I don’t even remember if at least once any screenshot was opened instead of downloaded using any browser.


  2. forlogos

    What an awesome tip, just checked my new plugin’s screenshots and sure enough I got the download prompts. Didn’t even know it was doing that. Thanks!


  3. Piet

    Now it would be nice if those images opened in some kind of Modal instead of on a new blank screen…


    • Piet

      Oh, I see I cannot edit my comment anymore? Ah well, an addition then.

      If you’re using Cornerstone (I believe Mac only?) to commit your plugins, then you can go to Get Info (CMD + I) and then switch to the tab Properties, where you can change the MIME Type with a dropdown.


    • Steffen Graumann

      Sometimes they do. But unfortunately it’s not very often …


  4. Michael Beil

    otto was a great help with this when we were looking into it a couple weeks ago. see: https://twitter.com/Otto42/status/550122425464004608 and https://twitter.com/Otto42/status/550122819170729984

    perhaps a simple script could be written for changing the MIME type? that could be super helpful for future plugin developers.


    • eherman24

      That would be an ideal solution. Sometimes I forget to change the mime type of my screenshots. It’s not that it’s difficult, it’s just an extra step we have to remember we pushing to the repo.


  5. Cais

    Definitely a great reminder. Thanks! Now to remember to do it and keep track of it as well.


  6. Tom Hemsley

    This has been driving me mad for about a year now. I’ve cross referenced readme.txt files and image extensions but couldn’t see why my screenshots were downloading while others opened in a new tab. And here’s the answer, finally :) Thanks Jeff!


  7. Goran

    Anyone knows how to do this in SmartSVN, properties mime type is grayed out on image.


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