Please Adopt This Plugin – Comment Quicktags Reloaded

Earlier today, I received an email asking me what plugin I was using that allowed for the quicktags to be displayed within the comment form of the site. I love these quick tags as they provide similar functionality as you’ll find within the post writing panel within WordPress. Unfortunately, the original creator of the plugin is now involved with the Habari project and is no longer maintaining it. I did manage to find Comment Form Quicktags on the plugin repository but I’m unsure as to why I’m not using that one as opposed to my current setup. After browsing the plugin repository, it looks like there are quite a few Quicktag plugins available but the one I’m using has been rock steady and still works, even with WordPress 3.1. You can’t find it on the repository though and it’s not available from the plugin authors site so I’m putting the download link here just in case someone would like to take the plugin, fork it, and maintain it on the repository.

Download Comment Quicktags Reloaded

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  1. I’ve been using Comment Form Quicktags since 3.0 and it works rather well. It has fewer conflicts with other plugins, too. Like BuddyPress.


  2. @Ipstenu – I can’t remember if I tried that plugin or not or if I just never got to it. The one I’m using though has been pretty reliable despite being 4 years old.


  3. I use Comment Form Quicktags on my site and a few other sites. It has worked great for me, easy to customize and style.


  4. Sounds like the Comment Form Quicktags is a viable alternative to Comment Quicktags Reloaded. But if you want the Plugin to live on then I would be up for maintaining it on the repository.

    Pity the name has already been registered but never used (hence why it doesn’t show up on Plugin search results). I’m not sure if it is possible to get added to the list of committers for the Plugin. If not the only obvious thing to do is go with a new name. Suggestions? :-)


  5. Thanks for bringing this type of functionality to my attention, Jeff. I hadn’t even considered adding something like this to WPCandy. It’s the little touches that make the difference, don’t you think? :)


  6. I prefer the plugin that Ipstenu pointed out. (Well, I can’t say “prefer” because I haven’t tried the one you have, Jeffro. But these buttons don’t look as nice as the ones that come with Comment Form Quicktags.)

    Comment Form Quicktags is pretty neat — I only disabled it on my site because I don’t get that many comments and I prefer faster downloading pages.

    My question is: what plugin do you use for previews?


  7. @Ryan Imel – Looks like you have something similar on WPCandy already but with a cleaner look and less options. I like my comment form to resemble that of a forum. I think it’s the best way to encourage conversation.

    @matt mcinvale – One less site in your feedreader? lol

    @M.K. Safi – Pretty sure that the buttons in the plugin I’m using are styled via the CSS within my child theme so I could change it up if I wanted to but I haven’t seen or felt the need to.

    For previews, I use Filosofo Comments Preview


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