1. Drew

    I am one of million users using the plugin. I deactivated it by now and waiting for their next update.

    Thank you for the heads up..


    • Jeff Chandler

      The update is already available, you should see a notification for it in the backend of WordPress. Double check which version you’re using. If it’s 1.4.3 or higher, you’re ok.


    • willcwillc

      FYI – Deactivating a plugin doesn’t render it invulnerable, and it can likely still be exploited. Remove it or update it to be safe.


  2. Miroslav Glavić

    Wouldn’t it be better if the article at the end said…

    If you’re using WP Super Cache, you are advised to update immediately

    instead of

    If you’re using WP Super Cache, you are advised to update as soon as possible


  3. Davide De Maestri

    Thank You guys for the info


  4. Li-An

    Time to test another cache plugin ?


  5. Marc

    This may need more inspection. I have 1 site that is (was) using WP SuperCache 1.4.4 and I was still finding the cache was getting injected with junk if not closely monitored.


  6. Mr. Apkantra

    I am also using WP Super Cache. I believe most secure codes can be hacked. But it is good vulnerability was found and fixed. But I don’t think this is the end.


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