1. CodeBard

    Thanks for mentioning my plugin, Patron Plugin Pro.

    More features will be coming to our plugin since users seem to be wanting different content locking options. One of the requests was locking content based on a Patron’s start date of patronage, for example, another was having patron-only posts available to patrons only for a certain duration of time…

    Some other upcoming features are CTA shortcodes, customizable CTAs, patron level/badge display for logged in users and various more in the pipeline.

    Looking forward to enabling artists, creators and freeing them from the middlemen!


  2. Joe

    I look forward to seeing the new features regarding different content locking options. Particularly the locking content mentioned and based on a Patron’s start date of patronage.


    • CodeBard

      Indeed, many creators are asking for it.

      I very much think that one or some of those features will be up this weekend or at latest monday:

      Limiting Post types by date (or creator patronage date)
      Limiting Single Post by date (or creator patronage date)
      Limiting entire site by date (or creator patronage date)


  3. djsteveb

    Great idea for a plugin few questions..

    what is the licensing of this? is it gpl, etc?
    I looked for licensing info, but couldn’t even find the file to download, even after finding the tab for install instructions, which say “Download the latest version of the plugin on this page”.

    If this is not copy-prohibitive, is it documented well for changing the call back params to use a different third party connection instead of patreon?

    As much as I would LOVE to use this, it truly sounds close to perfect, I have strong concerns that locking in this kind of content blocking would put us in a pickle should patreon decide to cut off access to us and our members – seeing as they are changing their terms to be more censoring, there is no way I could count on this and be locked in without being able to change it over to hatereon or some other service for payment, and proof of previous payments.

    Perhaps you guys can open up an API to connect with s2member, or press permit core, or other paywall and content drip systems from wpmudev and others… Systems that are already handling this kind of content blocking for non-paying members / supporters..

    Those systems have already dealt with numerous issues, have support, and work with a multitude of payment processors should one or more become a problem, it’s trivial to switch and not have a dysfunctional site because of that.


  4. Terence

    Oh great. The plugin is not available from the repository or from the author’s site. What gives?


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