Ottawa WP Developers…..Drink!

idealienstudiosThis is a guest blog post written by Jamie, author of the blog, IdealienStudios.You can also follow him on Twitter.

Who: Anyone and everyone with an interest in design / development of WordPress
What: WordPress Developer Group of Ottawa (WDGO) Pub Night
When: Tuesday July 7, 2009
Where: Shoeless Joe’s (3049 Carling Ave) in Ottawa, ON
Why: Connecting with the WP Community in Ottawa – and booze :)

Wordcamps are great for networking with a wide cross-section of the WordPress community. However they don’t occur frequently enough in the same geographic region to build a local community around. Towards that end, I am taking small steps towards connecting the WordPress community in my region of Ottawa, Canada.

Starting a regularly scheduled meetup in July probably won’t get much uptake as it is a challenge to get Canadians to give up their precious summer nights as we have a finite amount of warm weather north of the 49th parallel. But we do like to drink! So the first Ottawa WordPress Developer Group event is going to be an informal pub night at Shoeless Joe’s (in front of the AMC Theatre on Carling).

The hope is to better understand who is doing what great things with WordPress in the 613 area code and what they would like to give / get out of WDGO. You can learn more at or follow @WDGO on Twitter to stay up-to-date with future events.

3 responses to “Ottawa WP Developers…..Drink!”

  1. Great idea. Unfortunately, I am in Chicago or I would have joined you for a brew or two.

  2. No worries. I’m hoping that a similar growth pattern as Wordcamps might self-evolve in other cities for WordPress Developer Groups / WordPress User Groups.

    There is a series of events in Canada called Third Tuesdays which I’ve also taken some inspiration from. They run, you guessed it, the third Tuesday of every month. A different speaker each month covers a topic related to social media and online community building plus networking / social opportunities before and after the speaker. If you happen to be travelling in another town that a Third Tuesday is happening, you know that it will be a good experience and can meet like-minded people.

    So WP designers / developers / etc coming to Ottawa (Chicago or others) for entirely unrelated to WP reasons, could make new connections with others in the WP community by attending such an event.

  3. Does anyone know of some good WP tutors in the Ottawa area? I need 2-3 hours of instruction/advice.

    It would also be helpful if they were familiar with Linux. I’ve got a few Qs unrelated to WP.

    Thank you! Feel free to DM me on Twitter. @CathyBrowne


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