1. Hashim Warren

    “There has never been a JavaScript framework this popular before,”


    (And before someone tells me jQuery isn’t a framework, it’s a library, go check out the React docs – they call their project a library too)


  2. Miu

    Somewhat meaningless survey, lots of hypotheticals. Everyone is considering graphql, it’s impossible to ignore, but not right for many use cases. If you asked the same question about graph databases 2 years ago, you would have gotten the same answer, but most devs still haven’t used them.

    Also, I use react in some of my projects because it’s the only supported framework from a vendor we’re beholden to, but the majority are angular. I still count in both camps equally without consideration for volume.


  3. Mario von Gollaz

    Why do you think it is so popular? What are the main benefits?
    Is it speed?


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