1. David

    Simply put, browsing a plugin’s page with tabs is a better user experience.

    100% agree!


  2. Pavel Ciorici

    Works in Chrome too, but you need Tampermonkey (Greasemonkey alternative):


  3. Álvaro

    The “jump section” ticket is not the same thing as a tabs solution, which is what a lot of people asked for since day one. Jump section is better than just scroll+read more, but worst than tabs, definitely.


  4. Nico

    Thanks for writing about my script. I feel a bit relevant now, strange because I maintain a plugin that hat 60.000+ installs ;)

    You should probably update the article and not make it look like its Firefox specific. There is Tempermoney for Chrome and other plugins for other browsers I believe.

    This was just a proof of concept and me saying:

    Hey, I know a bit of jQuery. I can can do (half baked) what they ignored to do for 6 months in a short time.

    Problem with this is according to OpenUserJS the script is only installed 38 times. Even with this post, this probably won’t get out to the masses of people who would like the tabs back.

    What is nice about the new plugin dir is that all the text from the readme gets loaded into one page so turning this into tabs was easy and switching requires no pageload. And that is in fact a true improvement to what we had before. We could, and hopefully will have this instant tabs soon.

    I just updated the script and made the styles a bit better, buttons should now have no ugly borders and outlines and are based on the styles that are already there. Also now only the active tab is blue, others are grey.

    There was a bug that the tabs were generated on the ‘advanced’ page and probably other subpages, fixed that. Another bug that it did not work on the language subdomains, fixed as well.


  5. Vitor Madeira

    This is so cool!


  6. Karen

    The tabs are definitely better than the new layout. I wish the support link could go on a tab – I tend to check that one first to see whether there are a lot of outstanding issues.
    This is still a big improvement – thanks Nico.


    • Nico

      I have added 3 links including ‘support’ from the sidebar to the tab bar and move directly inside the header so that tabs can have span the entire width. It’s a bit strange now because some are instant tabs and some links that open new pages.

      But this is a experiment anyway so there you go.

      I suggest you rather bookmark the support forum in your browser and visiting that directly if you want to check whats new there. I also recently found a subscribe button there. Is that new?


  7. Dave

    Works fantastically well. Downloaded tampermonkey for chrome, clicked install on the script and it works.

    Instant improvement to the WordPress Plugins directory. Thanks!!


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