1. Dumitru Brinzan

    Interesting data.
    I do a similar thing, but on a global scale.
    My data-set includes 1M+ school websites, 80K+ university websites and another 300K+ for websites of other types of educational organizations. All in all it is close to 1.5M.

    On a global scale, WP powers ~24.2% of university websites and 21% of school websites. The global share is very much decreased because of WP’s low adoption in many Asian and African countries.

    I also check which plugins, themes and Google fonts are the most popular.

    P.S. I made some of this data public here, if people like stuff like this: https://www.ilovewp.com/resources/education/


  2. DJ Johnny Medley

    At the other end of the spectrum, one can find a lot of smaller, independent WordPress-powered music education sites run by individuals.

    Congratulations to WordPress user, saxophonist Bob Reynolds, on is recent Grammy win! It was a true blessing to be a member of his online community for several years. One of the best educational experiences I’ve ever had.


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