1. Brajesh Singh

    Hi Sarah,
    Thank you for covering the plugin. And your gif and explanations are much better than my release notes :)


  2. Tycho

    Worked perfect, then suddenly it stopped working, after a week or so. I noticed that it does not save the values entered anymore. No new plugins, no theme changes. So – I am puzzeled ( and a bit disappointed too)


    • Brajesh Singh

      Hi Tycho,
      Can you please point to your site or check if there is any javascript error? If the showing/hiding is not working It is most probably due to the js error. If the showing/hiding works but values are not saved in that case I am not sure what could be the reason.


      • Tycho

        Hi Brajesh Singh,

        Thank you for your fast reaction. It shows a professional care, which I appreciate very much.
        When it comes to my site and your plugin, I found out that the error is a user error, being not a native English speaker I misunderstood some of the settings. Now that I am a little wiser ( and applied the correct settings…) everything works like it should.
        So thank you again for your fast reply, I am sorry that I did not look any better before posting the message above and I recommend Conditional Profile Fields for BuddyPress to everybody who needs this kind of plugin.


  3. Steve

    This plugin is a lifesaver. Thank You! Any idea on how to make it compatible with Buddypress Profile Search?


  4. max

    This plugin rules! Having something similar for the Buddypress Profile Search would be great.


  5. Kevin

    Have an issue with “Number of kids” field that I am using. If user selects 1 child then it is no problem as it will show 1 “First Name” field – plugin works fine. Problem is if say the user selects 3 children. This plugin only allows 1 condition, so how do you show 3 “First Name” fields? Also even with 1 condition it only allows = or not equal sign, there is no > 2. I hope you can understand what I am saying…


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