1. Toni Vallius

    Would be really nice to get this WhatsApp sharing feature also for Simple Share Buttons!


  2. Zion Oyemade

    A big thumbs up to Valerio. I was wondering why limit it the viewing to mobile devices alone. Whatsapp now has web view capabilities. And with Google already bringing its apps to Chrome on desktop. The restriction is no longer necessary


    • Valério Souza

      WhatsApp web does not yet allow this integration. This is a limitation that I believe, be Google Chrome. So there is a possibility, retirement this limit.


  3. Valério Souza

    I will study the possibility of Telegram. Thank you for post.


  4. Rob B

    I’m no developer, but I remember that there’s a certain link syntax for switching apps. That, plus some PHP to include your wordpress post should do the trick (I hope). A quick search turned up some articles to echo this.

    For example, if you have the Facebook app and you’re reading this on an app-based device, then you can hit this link fb://profile and it should switch to the FB app. So maybe there’s a “telegram://message” kind of link?

    As a side note: my gripe with some of the sharing buttons for messaging apps is that you can only use it via starting a blank/new message and then type the recipient. At that point, it’s just as useful (if not more useful) to copy the link you want to share and then paste it into the conversations you’d like to share it to. Or… if there was a step in between that allowed you to choose which contacts and via which app you’d like to share, and it would go off and send the link separately to those individuals. Especially if I’m in a group chat, I end up cutting the link from the blank message, going to my list in Telegram, opening the group, and pasting it in there.

    I’m a Telegram user too and would like to see some integration :)


  5. AviaScope (@AviaScopeTwits)

    The thing is it is absent from the Sharing settings page when a user is trying to set it from a desktop. How are we supposed to activate this service if we can’t seen it?! What was on the creator’s mind when they decided to make it hidden from the admin panel?


  6. AviaScope (@AviaScopeTwits)

    I see now – that’s a whole new plugin. No, thanks. Why download separate plugins to a plugin pack? Can’t they just build it into the Jetpack? Guess not, as they still have a very dated-feeling limited set of sharing options that does not include international rivals.


  7. Ameer Mousavi

    Hi, I’ve just made a plugin to integrate Telegram with WordPress. You can download it from WordPress plugin directory:


  8. Nooth

    Thanks Valerio for the WhatsApp plugin! I hope there will be no problem with aggressive server-side caching mechanisms?


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