1. Victor Kane
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    “I have a B.A. in English and am a published tech book author.” OK, me too. And I write fiction! I’m participating in the Internet Writing Workshop these days, but what fascinates me is using WordPress for a community or at least individual (for now) literary workshop. Being able to work on my flash fiction pieces, etc. Something like the fabulous Iceberg editor (reviewed here) could be great, or maybe something as simple as the toolbelt markdown editor stuffed inside a Verse block. What I wish is if there were an easy way to show versions of a story, say, in a verse block, but the revisions currently show the block syntax html. Other blocks currently very useful for writing are Rich Tabor’s task list, etc. blocks which were also reviewed here. Currently working with Astra + Toolset for content modeling, I hope to be moving to full set editing some time not too far away, and create a usable writer’s setup with a block based theme plus suitable content model plus maybe a couple of custom plugins (or custom blocks directly). Thanks for the write-up on writing!


    • Justin Tadlock
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      One of the things I’ve always wanted to do was create a plugin that focused on the novel-writing process. WordPress is OK for just writing. Not great but OK. If you want to do things like outlines, scene and character cards, etc., it is limiting to the process. Of course, what everyone needs out of writing software varies so much.

      I prefer writing in Markdown because I never have to move my fingers far or use a mouse. But, I am actually using Dabble for this November. It auto-syncs via the NaNoWriMo API, so that’s a huge win. I’ve dabbled with Dabble before, but I wanted to give its novel-focused system of notes and such a try. Writing in it is actually pretty nice thus far. I just have to get used to hitting Ctrl + i for italics.

      Anything is better than the MS Word templates my team had to use for our WP book. It was one of the worst experiences I’ve had.


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