My Opera Shutting Down, How To Move To WordPress

MyOperaLogoOn October 31st, Opera announced that it is shutting down My Opera on March 1, 2014. My Opera is a social network of sorts made up of blogs, email, and a place to discuss Opera with friends. While the initial concept was launched in 2001 and then expanded upon in 2006, Opera states there are successful businesses that specifically cater to those wanting a social network or a place to share photos. “Over the years, we’ve seen social media and blogging sites pop up, which offer more and better features than we could possibly maintain. These offerings are their sole business. You all know their names and you probably use their services already.” Thus, the decision to close My Opera and to concentrate their development resources elsewhere.

Two Different Ways To Export My Opera Content

My Opera is providing two different methods to export content from the site. You can either export your blog or download all of your content. If you choose to export your content, you can take that file and import it into WordPress, Squarespace, Typepad, Movable Type, Drupal or any other system that supports XML files.

If you’d like to migrate to, they have an excellent guide that walks you through the process, complete with screenshots.


2 responses to “My Opera Shutting Down, How To Move To WordPress”

  1. I’m one of those who decided not to start over again, Noumaan. It’s just not worth it. I used to blog for the friends I had made on My Opera, and I’ll keep in touch with many of them. But my own existing websites (that I pay for) are simply not suitable for the kind of personal blogging I was doing there, and bothering with yet another social network only to have it disappear like all the others… meh.


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