1. Emil Uzelac

    Nice, I wish that I could be there. Hopefully, we will meet at the Summit next year. Hearing all great things about you :-)


  2. Jeffro

    @Emil Uzelac – Do you mean the WordPress Community Summit? I heard rumors of the next one but nothing has been set in stone. Also, that’s an invitation/nomination type of event. Doesn’t guarantee I’ll be there :)


  3. Ted Clayton

    Well … re the false fire alarm, the miscommunications, miscues and assorted ancillary adventures & misadventure … it’s worth bearing in mind that we don’t hold Conventions in the heart of the Big City, because the environment there is conducive to … whatever it was we came here for.

    The general asset to the WordPress community, in holding a shin-dig in San Francisco, is that the attendees come away with “a memorable experience” … and that it’s shared with those who share an interest. Meet folks; make (real) contact. This is basically the secret of eg Outward Bound, etc.

    Conventions are legitimately notorious. Many a couple finds its test at a long-weekend business git-together. A lot of people in lines of work that hold conventions either, a.) never miss one, or b.) never attend (‘except that once’).

    ‘Camping’ of course connotes something very different from Conventioneering. There are many WordCamps, and they vary in character & context a great deal. Only a relative few will have the glamour & send-up of a San Francisco event.

    My own suspicion is that the classic convention is actually not a good fit for the temperament of many ‘computer folk’. Which may help explain why the WordPress version is styled as a ‘camp’.


  4. Josh Leuze

    Sounds like you had an great time Jeff. Out of everything going on at WordCamp SF, the thing I wish I could have been at the most was Contributor Day, that might be a record for the most people contributing to WordPress under one roof.

    That’s awesome that you were made a forum moderator, congratulations!


  5. Emil Uzelac

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