1. Andrew

    I’m working on something right now that I can’t share in detail but you’ve just given me an excellent idea. Thanks Jeff.

    I know that doesn’t help :-)

    I think, honestly, there is a problem with plugins that expect you to put any code anywhere. Can you be more specific about the what you had to add and why? (I’m not offering to help, I just want to know).

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  2. amy

    Definitely learn to create and edit your child theme’s functions.php.
    Justin (Hybrid) and Ian (Themeshaper) have a few great posts on the subject.

    In fact Ian just posted a piece at Themeshaper which is a real eye opener for me as far as writing functions and using action hooks.
    It’s here

    One beauty of both of these frameworks is that they provide you with a lot to hook into.
    Once you start to get the basics – it’s actually pretty fun to do.

    UGh – sorry -I’m obviously having problems posting a link!


  3. Cristi

    I personaly don’t like plugins that ask you to insert code into your theme. This is why multiple widget areas are always a good thing.

    As far as the theme hooks, filters and function.php goes… I don’t think they were intended for the absolute end user. That’s why they are called Theme Frameworks!


  4. Andrew

    I reckon that it should be fairly simply to create a plugin that lets you match a hook to a function.

    As long as the theme had sufficient documented hooks…


  5. Paul

    I like plugins that either:
    – go where they are supposed to go just by activating them (or via a plugin admin panel)
    – go where you want them to go as a widget

    Plugins that require direct coding are my least favourite but some good ones require this so you live with it. This is where learning a bit of coding or learning to code for a framework becomes a necessity. Its also a nice earner for those that can do it.


  6. electric gates

    I agree with paul…. im in the middle of learning coding to develop my own plugins. Im not sure I could charge tho… I think more learning is neaded :)


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