1. Marcus Couch

    I enthusiastically agree with both perspectives. The WordPress community is second to none when it comes to personal relations. I have friends on nearly every continent because of my involvement in the community. It’s a bond unlike any other. Often I will look in the #wordpress hashtag stream just to see if anyone needs help. I’m not alone either. For every person that asks a question about WordPress, there are generally 3-4 people there to help, every time.


  2. Jeffro

    @Marcus Couch – That’s funny. I randomly load the #WordPress hashtag as well to see what people are saying and end up having to trudge through a lot of spam. I remember the early days of Twitter, this is how I conversed with a lot of people and ended up growing my follower list this way.

    I’m afraid to click on most of the stuff that is connected to the WordPress hashtag these days.


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