1. Richard Max

    Well it was named wordpress – it catered for the written word brilliantly! Media was an afterthought and thus we’re all playing catch up!

    The Media Manager is without doubt the aceleeles heal in WordPress… it does so little when it could easily do so much.

    1) Folders, keywords, metadata, categories should be able to added on any media type.
    2) Content should be flat – no hieracrchy given to different media types like with Drupal.
    3) Slideshows, styles, related posts etc should be accessible and inttuitively acccessiblke via the media manager.
    4) Finally, (beyond scope but v facebook / web 2.000000001) you should be able to control who sees or accesses what media type and where! Also the ability to download, purchase, listen etc.

    Also should connect to apis – facebook, flickr, twitter etc – make wordpress the central management tool for your life…….

    To little time to chat….. babas and code!

    Have been working on a mediarich offshoot of wordpress that i’d love to show the dudes at automatic sometime? Thoughts?




  2. Errol

    A simple and straight-forward way to animate custom headers and/or to use video in custom headers. I know that this has been discussed and there are nerd solutions but what about something that mortal webmasters can use?


  3. Brand Infection

    Being able to add fields to Media like “Copyright” or “Credits” would be great. Also the option to rename the file on the server. The ability to categorize and tag any media would be cool as well. I would like to be able to drag media to a category or at bulk edit them. Maybe only partially related: I would like to define different formats, for ex. square, proportional so I can use them accordingly.

    I am not sure whether all of this should be part of core or in a separate modules. What I wouldn’t like is a bloated and slow system.


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