1. Danny Brown

    Sorry, Medium, this isn’t the fix you want it to be. If I want quality, direct to the source paid journalism, I’ll go and pay the NYT subscription, where I don’t have to go through a bunch of cruddy click bait to access.

    This is another sign that Ev may be great at ideas, but poor at implementation.


  2. Richard Cunningham

    The problem isn’t advertising banners, it’s the audience. The people that tend to click on banners and such have all gravitated to the social networks.

    You can still make money that way, but it’s not going to be like it was a few years ago. Advertisers aren’t stupid. They’re going to put their best and highest-paying creatives where the audience is hanging out and the audience isn’t hanging out at blog sites anymore.

    The subscription model isn’t going to work, though it may take a few months for Medium to figure it out.


  3. Alec

    There’s a lot of readers on Medium, Richard. There are a lot of very good writers on Medium, Danny. The 37signals (Basecamp) weblog is on Medium. Anil Dash of Typepad (and other fame) is there. James Altucher is on Medium but he also has his own WordPress site with the same content (for Matt Mullenweg fans, Altucher’s latest podcast is with MM “Do you have your own internal code?“).

    There seem to be quite a few high profile defections as well. Jeff Goins most recent content is no longer on Medium (now on WordPress hiding dates and oh boy is the source code a mess and Disqus won’t load) nor does Marc Andreessen seem to publish on Medium any longer.

    It’s a pity Medium is struggling so much with their business model. A really competitive platform would do WordPress a world of good.


    • Danny Brown

      There are a lot of good writers – that’s not the issue. The issue is the fact Medium has found itself sucked into the vapid click-bait content mill syndrome, where too many good writers don’t find an audience and so they get demoralized. Here’s a prime example of the click-bait crud currently on the home page (logged out state):

      – Addicted to Failure: Three Billionaires on How to Win the Game of Life – Don’t think of the future of computing as the iPad or the PC – the future is everything, everywhere – Sex Tips from Queen Catharine the Great – I quit toilet paper for a month

      As you point out, because of these types of articles getting the Medium love, respected writers are quitting and going back to their own content area, whatever that may be powered by.

      A monthly premium isn’t going to encourage these guys to come back.


      • Alec

        Great point. I understand what you mean now. If Medium was aspiring to be the leading high brow thought platform those stories don’t belong on the home page. That’s Huffington Post and DailyMail.co.uk material – and those are free and the second one doesn’t pretend to thought leadership.


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