Media RSS The Next Core Integrated Plugin?

On a recent discussion thread within the WordPress Hackers Mailing list, Aaron Brazell of suggested that the Media RSS or (mrss) plugin be integrated into the core of WordPress. Media RSS is built on top of the Media RSS Module framework developed by Yahoo!. Essentially the module supplements the < enclosure > element inside of RSS 2.0 feeds to allow for more robust media.

Aaron makes the case that it is one of the plugins he recommends most to his clients and others. With this plugin installed, if you published an image in your blog post, the Media RSS plugin would apply the proper enclosures/formatting so that the image would show up on the social networks you’re apart where you are utilizing your blogs RSS feed. Joost De Valk follows up the initial proposal by acknowledging that it’s also a standard install for 95% of his clients blogs.

I’m not sure about Media RSS. I mean, I sort of understand the basis behind it but I need a clearer explanation as to what it does. Doing a couple of Google searches looking for reviews on the plugin didn’t turn up much and as I tried to review the plugin myself, I didn’t know what to look for.

With that said, Andy Skelton chimed into the conversation and mentioned that Matt Mullenweg was interested in having this feature part of WordPress 2.8. Andy suggested that Aaron write a patch and that is what he is doing. Aaron doesn’t have core or commit access so if Matt doesn’t like the patch or the way it’s written it won’t make it in but based on all indications, the features provided by Media RSS seem poised to make it into the core of WordPress 2.8. If not this time, then next.

What are your thoughts on having the features provided by this plugin integrated into the core?


5 responses to “Media RSS The Next Core Integrated Plugin?”

  1. Blogs that have plenty of (good) images can benefit from such function. For example MediaRSS feed can be used in wallpaper changer app.

    It can also be used in syndication for cross-promoting content. I am including my latest stumble in my footer with graphic thumbnail and it would be so much easier if feed was MediaRSS.

    Other than such specific uses my guess is rest of bloggers couldn’t care less. :)

    PS oh and I wish before this fancy stuff someone fixed rss.php in WordPress to support enclosures

  2. Very few of my clients use or ask for this capability. Most of the people I know prefer to use the RSS feeds as a quick preview option.

    As one client put it…

    “If readers want to see video, audio, and pictures, they should come to my site. There is no need to replicate everything in an RSS feed. When readers view an RSS feed, they are missing out on the many socialization and member perks I provide on the site.”

    Another client had this to say…

    “It’s just one more thing I will never use and will clutter up my database.”

    Those comments pretty much sum up the way most of my clients feel. Like I’ve said in the past, just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

  3. I think, this very good and great plugin. I good examble for extended function and i think this is googd so. WordPress has now so much functions and i like a small and fast core with the importance functions.
    Maybe use this a small part of users, not so many, or? I think, the media-tag is very good examble for a extended function, a part of a plugin.
    The same diskuss is the Twitter support in core.

  4. In my opinion, the Yahoo MediaRSS namespace is a useful and lightweight extension to rss2 – It just adds some machine readable info about your media to the feed and more and more apps for it are coming up: Just have a look at cooliris and surf to my blog (or google images search results if you don’t like my photos ;-) – THAT’s nice.

    I already implemented media rss in my PhotoBlog plugin YAPB – and since i plan to build more upon core WordPress media functionality in future, i’d love to see that feature in the core.

    Greets from Salzburg!



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