1. Miroslav Glavic

    Playing devil’s advocate….do people realize how much other tech events cost? hundreds and even a couple of thousands of dollars.

    As someone who has volunteered at WordCamps for many years and someone who has organized other (non-WP related) events…Sometimes it seems some things are a waste.

    Lunch, why not go out just print out a list of restaurants in the area of the location of WordCamp. I remember one time, the lunch as it’s main component was rice wrapped in some kind of seaweed crap, I was vomiting most of the night. As a resident of Toronto, when I see people coming from out of city or country, I want them to discover the food diversity of Toronto. So much food waste occurs at WordCamps.
    T-shirts, I love them, but there should be an option to not have a t-shirt, less costs, right? less costs = lower prices?

    For WordCamps that were on weekends, Saturday was day 1, Sunday was day 2, Saturday night was the after party event. I wonder, how many attendees actually attend it.

    So many tech events do fancy things just for the sake of doing it. I got food poisoning from the food provided at a WordCamp I attended a few years ago in Europe. After vomiting that night, every year after that, I just went out and looked around for a food place to eat.


    • Otto

      I think a lot of them go simpler than you seem to be thinking. Even when I went to those in SF or Philly, for a couple days there wasn’t a sit down nice thing, just a coupon to a few local restaurants, or some sandwiches or something.

      And while one you went to may have had sushi rolls, well, don’t eat it if you don’t know what it is. The majority of the local WordCamps I’ve been to have been pretty freeform on lunch.


      • Miroslav Glavic

        I haven’t gone to a WC in the USA, I have gone to Europe and Canada.

        Just out of curiosity, do you prefer something provided for you or list/coupon of local restaurants?

        Some of the bad/crappy food choices could that when you rent at some places like universities/college/convention centres…you have to stick with their catering company/group and you can’t bring outside food.

        If I ever see you at a WordCamp, I’ll ask you for food suggestions.


  2. Scott Winterroth

    The swag is part of the experience that many campers know, appreciate and expect. (I wear my WC Chicago speaker hoodie with pride)

    I personally think the real downfall to the price restriction comes into play for larger cities such as NYC, Chicago, LA which are generally more expensive to hold a conference event of this size. Not to mention housing and food catering is much more expensive in Tier 1 cities.

    Attendees will not go to a pool party or other event if they are generally going to miss out on a great experience. After hours, swag and other WC goodies = the experience and are a must. In my opinion.

    Hats off to the organizers who pull it off and thank you to all.


  3. Miroslav Glavic

    Did you know WordCamp Toronto 2018 is free?

    TLDR version: WCTO/WPTO is considered non-profit community group, the place they are having WCTO is City of Toronto property, however, due to it being free, WCTO organizers can’t charge a fee to attend. So it’s all free, we got refunds.


    Imagine if other WordCamps were able to do that.

    WCTO = WordCamp Toronto
    WPTO = WordPress meeting group in Toronto


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