1. Rohit

    Let’s See what surprize we will have.


  2. Tommy

    Mainly, I’ve always worked in an office environment and I must say I’m not always happy with it. The commute (the costs related to it and the time spent to it), accomodating an office space sometimes… With the noise, business… the simple fact of having to be in a particular “space” to be accredited as “being woking”… All of these are notions that quite don’t make much sense anymore sometimes in this day and age. However, I’m not sure I’d be fully happy working from home and not seeing anyone and no having any (informal) talks during the whole day/week. I think it’s about balance and certainly some days I feel like I could completely be working from home, but I still think on some occasion it’s be to go to an office on a regular basis. All in all, in my particular case, I think a split pattern would be ideal: 1 or 2 days in the office, the rest working from home! Also I really like the “Home office” package that is mentioned in the video, to equip yourself with proper gear to work efficiently form home!


  3. Michel

    I visit https://distributed.blog and strangly in top menu w/o authorisation, I was connected to my wordpress.com account edited lot of months ago. This website is new so I expected to be connected with explicite authorisation (GPDR ???) What do you think of that ?


    • Jeremy

      There is no special connection between your account and that website, no personal account information shared here.

      You will see the toolbar at the top of every website on the WordPress.com multisite network because you are logged in to your WordPress.com account and the site is hosted on WordPress.com.

      You will see the same toolbar at the top of en.blog.wordpress.com for example.


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