Matt Mullenweg On This Week In Startups

Plan to set aside about 1 hour and 38 minutes to watch both parts. Each is filled with a ton of good information and great dialogue. Topics covered include, GPL licensing, iOS controlling the marketplace for apps, what happened with Six Apart/MovableType, social networking replacing blogging, and much more. The interview took place at the All Things D conference 2013 by Jason Calacanis.


4 responses to “Matt Mullenweg On This Week In Startups”

  1. Joan says:

    Man, he is magnetic. Great interview.


  2. Ted Clayton says:

    Sometimes I regret that I can’t really do video ….


  3. Robbie says:


    Sounds like you’re in love! LOL


  4. Joan says:

    @Robbie -Hahaha not at all, I’m happily married, but I like him, he seems to be a nice guy!



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