Matt Mullenweg Named Son Of Gutenberg

This is the first time I’ve seen anyone refer to Matt as the son of Gutenberg but it seems like a good fit. The Big Money takes a look at how WordPress has been able to democratize publishing and how the software has been able to change the way people publish the written word. For anyone wanting to know an overview of how Automattic makes their money, it shapes up to be 40% upgrades, and the remaining 60% is split between enterprise services and ads. It’s great to see that even after seven years, Matt is still on a mission.

“If we can democratize publishing,” Mullenweg says with his idealism firmly in front, “if we can make these communication mechanisms just completely effortless and ubiquitous, the world becomes a better place, and that’s very motivating for everyone.”

Out of curiosity, I wonder how many people in the WPTavern audience publish content on one or more blogs consistently? If so, what is your motivation?

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