1. mathetos

    Thanks for the mention, Jeff! Ya, it was pretty impressive that he not only joined, but invited discussion and has been (meaning he’s STILL doing it) answering basically every single question. Pretty impressive. But for the sake of WP development, I’m sure he’s moving on to better things soon. But you’re right, him being present online with users and specifically developers is win-win all around.


  2. Brin Wilson

    What an utterly likeable guy! ;)


  3. Miroslav Glavic

    how much of the WordPress development is he involved in now a days?

    Why does 99% of the times his name is mentioned and not Mike Little, if they are both credited as CO-founders?

    If you had to give up WordPress and had to move to either Joomla or Drupal, which one would you pick and why? not picking = universe blows up and we all (along ET and his home planet) blow up.


    • Waseem A. Syed

      Good to see these questions from you Miroslav. You can ask them directly to Matt at Advanced WordPress. There are many more questions answered by Matt. It was an interesting session and I saw the whole group participating. Its hard to find such enthusiasm on a Facebook group of WordPress. Matt Cromwell will agree with me on this!


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