Marshall – Newest BuddyPress Core Contributor

Marshall who goes by the user name MrMaz in the BuddyPress community has been appointed the newest member of the BuddyPress core team. Marshall will be focusing on the BuddyPress API which will make the lives of developers easier to seamlessly integrate their plugins into BuddyPress. His work will be slated for release in 1.4 and onward. Marshall has a successful BuddyPress plugin called BuddyPress Links which adds rich media sharing. How this plugin integrates into BuddyPress as if it’s a part of the core was a sure sign that Marshall knows what he’s doing and was one of the major reasons why he was asked to join the team.

Congrats to Marshall.


One response to “Marshall – Newest BuddyPress Core Contributor”

  1. Take a look under the hood of BP Links and it’s clear he knows his stuff. I just hope he can make it understandable for lowly ole me who couldn’t make heads nor tails of much of that code when I tried to emulate it for my project. It’s good to know I’m emulating well-regarded code though.


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