1. Giorgos Sarigiannidis

    Having myself a plugin in the list mentioned above (https://wordpress.org/plugins/ootb-openstreetmap/), the news seems worrying. Fortunately for me, Mapbox is just an optional Tile Provider, but there was a time that I was considering making it the default.

    Since it already required an API key to work, I don’t know if it changes much in my case (and probably for most of the other plugins as well), as it seems similar to how we deal with Google Maps. Unless I am missing something, fo course.


  2. Brian

    Code getting closed is a well known “feature” of BSD licensed software.

    It seems this new generation of Javascript coders has no knowledge of history when it comes to software licenses.

    WordPress and Linux got this right from the start. The GNU GPL is what you need to look for when choosing open source software.


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