1. bryan

    I got this theme for another site…do you know of any other themes or others coming out with others for buddypress?


  2. Christopher

    Just a note that this theme needs to be debugged as it will break your BuddyPress install. Specifically, the menu references in header.php file are incorrectly coded for one thing. I had a brand new install that tanked because of this theme, and would advise folks to hold off until the developer tests it again.


  3. shannon

    I have a blank page with this theme. Can anybody tell me how to get the theme showing and get rid of the blank page?


  4. Phillip

    This theme is not free.


  5. Jeffro

    @Phillip – Thanks for the update. I’ve added that information to the bottom of the post. Even the search results on their site for the Facebook theme point to their BuddyPress social theme.


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