Listener Poll: What Day Of The Week Should I Record WordPress Weekly?

Earlier this week while I was at work, I was thinking about WordPress Weekly and possibly recording the show at the same time but on a different night. I have a day in mind but without diluting the results, I won’t say which day that is. Instead, I want to see what you folks think before I possibly go through with the change.

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14 responses to “Listener Poll: What Day Of The Week Should I Record WordPress Weekly?”

  1. Jeff,

    What about a “no preference” (as in, “whatever day works best for you”) choice on the poll?

    That’s certainly my opinion: I’m in favor of WPWeekly being recorded on whatever day works best for you, David, and your guests, as convenience for you helps to ensure continuity.

    That said, if it’s on Tuesday night, I’ll only be able to participate *live* about once a month (or less often) – but that’s nothing different from Friday. :)

  2. Jeff, I understand the need to accommodate everyone’s schedules (yours, David’s, and the guests) fully. My only concern is that everyone is used to the show being on Friday nights, and a change could cause some confusion, especially for your live audience. It’s nice having alot of folks show up during the recording of the show, whether they’re on the call or not, and I’d hate to see you lose that part of the show if those folks wouldn’t be able to attend on a different night. If it’s scheduled on a week night (Tuesday or Thursday), I think the aftershow won’t go nearly as long, as most folks have to work the next day. Both parts (live show and aftershow) for WP Weekly are great – we’ve had wonderful conversations during the aftershow that we might lose if it wasn’t on Friday night.

    All that being said, it’s your decision and we’ll respect whatever choice you make.

  3. The regular time is Every Friday Evening at 8PM EST, for reference. Don’t forget your journalism basics there, Jeffro.

    Tuesday is a lovely night for broadcasting, as many people don’t have something else to do on Tuesday nights. That’s my feeling because I’m on the radio every Tuesday night for the past 9 years, podcasting for 4 years so far. This time would conflict with my radio shift, but I’d be OK with it — I listen on the podcast mp3 later more often than live anyway. If you record on Tuesday, you’ll have the podcast out in plenty of time for people who still wanted to hear it later in the week.

    I guess the question is primarily aimed at participants and chatroom regulars.

  4. To be perfectly honest, I spend all week working…many times day and night. The reason that I am able to make it to the show on Fridays is because I don’t work weekends (most of the time.) ;)

    You know, you hear people say TGIF at the end of the work week. They have loads of plans for relaxing activities or partying the night away. You know…something to treat themselves. Well…one of the things I do to “treat myself” is claim 8pm Friday and WP Weekly as my fun and learning time.

    Without WP Weekly on Fridays…it’s just another workday.

  5. Jeff knows I’ve been pushing to switch the day of the recording for probably a year now haha. Friday’s are the day most people go out to dinner, movies, etc. If you recorded on Tuesday or Thursday each week I would def make more shows.

    Just my two cents ;)

  6. Anything but the Friday option will prevent me from listening live as they’re all around noon on a weekday for me. Friday is noon on Saturday for me so I have time to listen in then.

  7. In my opinion the day that suits interview objects is the better day. That rules Friday out cause many will have the weekend scheduled. I voted Tuesday because people often have some time available early in the week but not close to the weekend.

  8. My vote is actually for “Any day BUT Friday.” After a long week at work, and having to get up early every Saturday morning, I can never make the Friday live shows and would have a better chance of doing so if they were recorded other days of the week (except Saturday).

  9. I’m with Spamboy. I voted Thursday, but in reality I’m just saying “Any day but Friday”. The problem is that 8pm Eastern is 5pm Pacific…I would listen live, but really who wants to be doing ANYTHING at 5pm Friday?

  10. I personally don’t listen to the live show (prefer to just download the podcasts and enjoy at my convenience), so I’m fine with whatever.

    If I was able to listen live, however, I would prefer any night Monday through Thursday. That said, I guess whichever times work best for potential guests on the show would be best. Friday seems to work well for people and you’ve had a ton of great guests on Friday nights, but I’m sure that night doesn’t work for everyone. Maybe once a month you could have a bonus show on a Tuesday or Thursday and squeeze in those guests that can’t make a Friday night show.


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