Lester Chan Interviewed By Singapore Magazine

Lester ‘Gamerz’ Chan was recently interviewed by Singapore magazine, GoDigital. You’ll have to use your mouse to scroll through the first few pages to get to the interview but once there, you’ll read some great insight into who Lester is as a person. Here are a couple of tidbits I took away from the interview.

Lester became involved with WordPress before there was a WordPress. That is to say, he worked with B2 which is the predecessor to WordPress and what WordPress is based on.

His personal site, Lesterchan.net is one of the top three websites in Singapore.

He will continue to maintain his plugins for security purposes.

He has the same shoe size as me. (11)

While the magazine is flash based, I managed to take a screenshot of the first page of the interview to help give you a taste of what’s inside.

Lester Chan interview

How many of his plugins are you using on your site? Here on the Tavern, we’re using WP-Polls, WP-PageNavi, and WP-Stats.


6 responses to “Lester Chan Interviewed By Singapore Magazine”

  1. Yes, indeed! Lester is a WordPress hero, make no mistake about that! :)
    I have been using his plugins since the last 3years and his code is rock solid and he is very active.

    Great to see him succeed and make his way among the Elite! May 2012 be even greater!

    Best regards,


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