1. Intaly Ico

    There’s already a free version for this: https://wordpress.org/plugins/multiple-domain-mapping-on-single-site/

    This one might be a bit more polished, but it basically does the same thing.

    Just putting this out there :)


  2. Marcus Tibesar

    I’m having a problem imagining how this plugin will be a benefit.

    I’d like to see what the developer had in mind for some clear use cases for this.

    Any ideas?


    • Justin Tadlock

      I’ll provide a simple example. Let’s say you wrote a book called “Awesomesauce WP Code Recipes.” Let’s also say you have an existing WordPress site. Now, you could create a landing page on your website for that book. However, you really want that awesomesaucewpcoderecipes.tld domain for your book. Instead of launching an entirely new site, you can manage it from your existing WordPress installation.


  3. Scott Winterroth

    Hey This is cool. I love multisite but this is much easier for single domain landing pages. But multisite is free, so we will see.


  4. Chris Robinson

    What are the SEO implications for using something like this? I’m no SEO expert but having mulitple domains mapped to a single IP would be considered bad in the eyes of SERP, no? Then bringing anything tied to the IP down?

    I could be totally wrong, but that’s my little understanding of it.


    • Chris

      The plugin of course needs to set correct canonical meta in those landing pages (and also override any wp native or seo plugin canonical meta), otherwise you’ll get a SEO mess, but I guess this has been thought about and taken care of in a commercial plugin, at least I would hope so.


  5. Nick Hamze

    In the marketing world this will be so useful. It’s almost like a WordPress version of ClickFunnels.

    It’s a no brainer for me at $59. Just bought a copy. I can’t wait to see the templates.


  6. Anh Tran

    I wonder how to make advanced fields like forms (contact, subscription) work, and the ability to let users see the submitted data.


  7. Trevor

    This looks interesting and I can see a lot of uses for it.

    Question, can you map more than one page to the same domain? For example, if you are creating a single page funnel to signup for an ebook, you’ll want to have a Thank You page to let the customer know the ebook will be emailed to them. Once they fill out the form they would be redirected to this Thank You page and you would want it to use the same domain name (i.e. mydomain.com/thank-you).


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