Kyiv, Ukraine to Host Its First Official WordCamp in September 2016

The first official WordCamp in Ukraine will be held in Kyiv at the Incom Business Center on September 24-25. For the past three years, the WordPress community in Ukraine has gathered for conferences and meetups organized under the WP Kitchen name. The WordCamp Kyiv organization team, led by Anna Kramar, includes three members of the WP Kitchen team and three additional organizers.


This event is an important step in establishing the Ukrainian WordPress users as a connected community.

“I would describe our WordPress community as large, yet loosely connected,” co-organizer Andrey Savchenko said. “Ukraine is a large country with many WordPress users and professionals. But we are still getting acquainted and figuring out how to stay in touch and accomplish things together. Holding a WordPress conference has been a key event to advance that.”

WordCamp Kyiv will include two days of sessions along two themes: topics that inspire and topics that teach. Organizers welcome speaker submissions in English from the local and international communities.

“As a personal observation I would say that the Ukrainian community is eagerly interested in the business side of WordPress,” Savchenko said when asked how the community is unique. “Many seem to get involved with it through professional opportunities, rather than the common route of blogging.”

Organizers are planning for 250 attendees. An English information page is available on the event website for potential attendees and speakers who want to be a part of the first official WordCamp in Ukraine. The venue is within walking distance of hotels, shopping centers, Airbnb apartments, and a metro station that makes other parts of the city easily accessible.


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  1. Best wishes!

    Maybe off the topic, but why someone from Kiev, Ukraine keeps trying to log into my site?


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