Joost de Valk Conducting WordPress Host Survey

Related to a new project Joost de Valk is working on, he needs WordPress users to fill out a short survey that tells him which WordPress hosting company you use, which package you’re on, and what you think about them. Joost will compile this information to determine which webhostng companies support WordPress properly and will reach out to them to perform a couple of tests. Joost is specifically looking for those hosting in Europe as it appears that finding a good host in Europe is more difficult than here in the U.S.


3 responses to “Joost de Valk Conducting WordPress Host Survey”

  1. Bluehost, USA – shared hosting, package is most basic. Superb through over 10 years, with various websites. I learned about WordPress going through its options.

    However, for one of our websites with tons of pages, creating a sitemap using a cron made it throttle the CPU, and since it is a shared hosting, cron job is stopped.

    For this intensive memory use, I put the sitemap creator cron job in Gator shared host, but pointing to Bluehost. No problem.

    So Gator is another alternative.

    I know you said Europe, but I am from Singapore, and using a US hosting service (Bluehost, Gator) has been very reliable. In Singapore, the prices are incredibly high, like 10x …

  2. I have been using Bluehost for quite some time but recently set up a new site which uses Network Solutions. DO NOT use Network Solutions! Their help is out-sourced and their “help” is sending you an email of how to do it, not even reading a script. It is also notable that I frequently ran into memory allocation errors when using W3 Cache.

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