1. David Reese

    I use Media Temple.


  2. Joe

    Bluehost, USA – shared hosting, package is most basic. Superb through over 10 years, with various websites. I learned about WordPress going through its options.

    However, for one of our websites with tons of pages, creating a sitemap using a cron made it throttle the CPU, and since it is a shared hosting, cron job is stopped.

    For this intensive memory use, I put the sitemap creator cron job in Gator shared host, but pointing to Bluehost. No problem.

    So Gator is another alternative.

    I know you said Europe, but I am from Singapore, and using a US hosting service (Bluehost, Gator) has been very reliable. In Singapore, the prices are incredibly high, like 10x …


  3. John Starich

    I have been using Bluehost for quite some time but recently set up a new site which uses Network Solutions. DO NOT use Network Solutions! Their help is out-sourced and their “help” is sending you an email of how to do it, not even reading a script. It is also notable that I frequently ran into memory allocation errors when using W3 Cache.

    Thanks for reading,


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