1. Nyssa The Hobbit

    Thanks for this! I now have my sites set up to block this.


  2. Cano Ode

    The probably next step by Google: “Blocking FLoC will negatively affect your SEO” ;)


    • Steven Gliebe

      Who knows what goes on behind the scenes. It disturbs me that there’s no significant competition in search and that Chrome is nearly ubiquitous.

      I remember when everybody loved Google. It’s been a long time now.


      • Sally G

        Glad that I could not care less about that; I have a niche site and those who want to find us will. I am willing to work a bit harder to reach folks on social media if necessary. My main site will block this; I will strongly recommend to others that we do so when I cannot make unilateral decisions.

        I would prefer that the default for WordPress would be to block this.


  3. workforce next

    Thanks for mentioning about this.


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