1. Casey

    Funny. It seems that the answer to the questions they are struggling with have been answered in this blog post, as a list of their community mistakes. The damage has already been done however, and I no longer recommend the plugin for new clients. The search adjustments was a big mistake, but the nag messages that imply danger on the community they hold strong was the final straw. However, the power of plugins come the ability to choose, and these are only my opinions.


  2. Bastian

    It’s funny how they fail to see things that are so evident to everyone else (like the backlash against the feature suggestions added to the plugin search screen, for example) that they need to create a “Customer Research Project”.


  3. Good luck with that

    “Occasionally” 🤣🤣🤣

    Though to be fair, you can’t fault the team when the leadership is so against hearing the reality.


  4. DJ Johnny Medley

    In my humble opinion, Jetpack’s video player deserves more recognition.


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