Jetpack is Now Available on Github

The Jetpack plugin code is now available on github and the team welcomes your pull requests. With the addition of Jetpack, Automattic now has 106 public repositories on github. That’s a lot of shared code!

Jetpack has been downloaded nearly eight million times since its debut on If you’ve enjoyed using Jetpack and have some ideas for improving it, github is a great way to contribute back to the plugin. Your code will improve the Jetpack experience on millions of websites. There are also other ways to contribute without writing any code:

  • Join the Jetpack Beta Test group
  • Lend a hand answering questions in the Jetpack support forum
  • Report bugs, with reproduction steps, or post patches on Jetpack’s trac

Learn the Basics of Contributing to Open Source Software with Jetpack

Jetpack probably has one of the most organized guides to contribution that I have ever seen for an open source plugin project. The team has created contribution opportunities for users and developers at all levels. The guide outlines ways to contribute at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

What really stands out about the Jetpack contribution guide is that it actually teaches you the basics of contributing to an open source project, including topics such as:

Let’s face it. Nobody springs from the womb understanding how to create a good bug report or submit a patch. That’s why guides like this are so important. Getting involved on a smaller project like Jetpack is an opportunity to test your wings in an area where you have an interest. If you have an open source project where you want to attract more contributors, consider creating a detailed, organized guide in the same way Jetpack has outlined contribution opportunities. That little extra effort in documentation might open up the floodgates to contributions.


3 responses to “Jetpack is Now Available on Github”

  1. @George Stephanis – There’s so much valuable info in there, though, that could be applied to almost any project, ie. writing good bug reports for the issues tracker, using SVN, etc. So will you be dumping the Jetpack trac then and using github exclusively?

  2. “Let’s face it, nobody springs from the womb understanding how to create a good bug report or submit a patch.”

    If someone is collecting notable techie quotes, please add this to it.


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