1. Chris Coyier

    Congrats Jason!

    > This allows users in the community to contribute to the docs by submitting pull requests.

    That’s such an important thing for some projects. Interesting that just this alone is a reason people pop off WordPress and onto something else. THINKY FACE.


    • Ahmad Awais

      You cannot be more right. I moved to Gatsby the same way and then to Next.js and more serverless JS stuff than having a PHP/MySQL app.

      Congratulations, Jason! 🎉


  2. Muhammad Muhsin

    Congratulations Jason! 🎉
    So proud of what you have achieved with WPGraphQL. I guess this will be the best news I’ll read today. Can’t wait to see the heights your project will reach.

    Jason Bahl is a star 🌟


  3. Anh Tran

    Congratulations, Jason! What you’ve done is awesome. I’m exploring Gatsby as I love its speed. WPGraphQL will be a mandatory tool for many headless solutions based on WordPress!


  4. Kellen Mace

    Congratulations Jason! You’ve done an amazing job at the helm of the WPGraphQL project. I especially appreciate how quick you are to lend support and assistance to those trying to building things with it and contribute to it. It comes as no surprise that the Gatsby team saw all your hard work and community involvement and couldn’t resist bringing you aboard! I’m very excited for you personally, for deeper integration between WPGraphQL and Gatsby, and for the future of the WPGraphQL project. 🙌🏼


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