It’s Back – The WordPress Plugin Competition

plugincompetition2009 Mark Ghosh over at has announced the next installment of the sites coveted WordPress plugin competition. If you’re not familiar with it, check out the winners from 2008 which brought us WP Comment Remix, Manageable, and WP Easy Uploader. Last year, I was lucky enough to be one of the judges and I got to see first hand the creativity that exists within the WordPress community. The competition is fierce while ultimately, the end users benefit from not only the winners, but all of the plugins overall.

Mark is now looking for donations to help contribute to the prize purse while pledges $1,000.00 by itself to the prize pool. Head on over to the announcement and read the rules for participating. If things go well, I hope to send over a bit of money to contribute to the prize purse. So far, Ozh Ozh has been selected to be one of the judges along with Mark. May the best plugins win!

By the way, discuss in the comments what functionality a plugin will provide that you think will win over the competition.

2 responses to “It’s Back – The WordPress Plugin Competition”

  1. Yes, the Plugin Competition is a great Idea. Now, one Year later two of the winner Plugins are in the Core of WordPress

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