iThemes to Host Free Online Training Event: Intro to WordPress Web Design


iThemes will be conducting a free online training event next week for those who are interested in getting started with WordPress. The Intro to WordPress Web Design course will run from February 18 – 20 and will cover everything from learning how to set up a site to working with plugins and management tools:

  • Understand what WordPress is, where it came from, why everything is a “post”—and who is Dolly?
  • Unlock your WordPress site – learn how to set up your site the right way
  • Unmask WordPress – learn the basics of how WordPress displays content for your site
  • Supercharge your WordPress site with plugins
  • Simplify your life with WordPress management tools and tips
  • What to do to take your knowledge of WordPress to the next level

The workshop is open to the first 1,000 registrants and will be taught by Benjamin Bradley, iThemes’ Training full-time instructor. Bradley has been working with the company for the past five years to build out a library of 600+ instructional videos for the community surrounding iThemes’ products. A chat room will be available for discussion and Q&A during the the online event.

iThemes CEO Cory Miller began investing in the creation of training resources years ago after noticing that a lack of quality WordPress education material was putting an extra burden on his support staff. “We started this free online workshop several years ago in response to seeing many of the same questions being asked in our support area year after year,” Miller said.

“We felt our customers weren’t able to make meaningful progress in learning the basics of WordPress web design because there weren’t good resources to do so. The need is there and it is great, in particular for online learning like this. It’s part of our contribution to building up our customers, but also the greater WordPress community,” he said.

The event is not just for iThemes customers but is open to anyone. If you can’t attend the training sessions live, iThemes plans to make the recordings available on its blog after the event. If you or a family member, friend, or client want an approachable introduction to WordPress, register for the course at iThemes. Each session is only one hour and will put you on track to managing your own WordPress website.

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  1. Awesome. I’ve actually just modded one of iThemes themes (which I discovered via this site). And I’m using it on my own site.

    This will be a good opportunity to pick up some best practices. Registered!


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