1. Paul

    Man I hate styling comments sometimes. $7 for a nice clean design? What a great deal, nice work Ryan.


  2. Ryan Imel

    @Paul Thanks Paul, I’m glad you think so.

    Thanks again for posting this interview Jeff. It’s kind of fun to be one of the guys producing stuff worth talking about, rather than talking about everyone else’s stuff :)


  3. Kim

    @Ryan: Love the work you’ve done with this project, and am contemplating getting the Lifetime pass, but have a question: You’ve included threaded comments, but do these packages include code to list trackbacks in a separate list from regular comments? I currently have my trackbacks listed below the actual comments in a section of their own, and I’d like to retain that capability.


  4. Conorp

    I see that the, buy current packages for $10 link has been replaced with a lifetime membership package. I would have been happy to spend $10 on 3 comment themes but $50 is to much for me. Is there any plan to add the $10 option back? Either additional or replacing the lifetime package.



  5. Ryan Imel

    @Kim: Yes Kim, every style includes trackbacks, and it sounds like they work the same way, in a list right below the comment form. I’ll go add that to the features list at CommentBits to avoid any future confusion. Thanks!

    @Conorp: It was based on some initial user feedback that I switched from the bundled rate to a Lifetime Pass. I’d like to be able to freely talk about new styles coming along without causing people to hold off on buying a combo pack because they know something is coming next week. This way, they can buy a combo pack with the peace of mind they won’t be missing out on anything.

    BTW, the discount code Jeff mentions in the post will get you 1/2 off that $50 Lifetime Pass. But just for the next 24 hours ;)


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  7. Kim

    @Ryan Imel -Thanks for the response Ryan, will be heading over to the site to purchase the Lifetime Pass shortly.


  8. matt mcinvale

    i really dislike styling comments, best $25 i’ve spent this week.

    i like your LLC name. :)


  9. Ryan Imel

    @matt mcinvale – Thanks Matt :)


  10. Kevin Paquet

    Another paid service rolling out (but pretty reasonable)
    But no thanks for me, I’d rather import the comment form of other GPL themes to my themes to have it look great or start to mess with the code around on my own.


  11. Ryan Imel

    @Kevin Paquet -Fair enough Kevin. I didn’t expect it to be for everyone.


  12. Jeffro

    Glad to see that the post generated a few sales for you Ryan. Hope this works out for you.


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